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Monday, September 26, 2011

When October Calls again

I recently published a poetry book called When October Calls.  It started out as some musings in a Halloween notebook and then I decided to make the collection into a book.  They’re not Keats or Browning, but they’re fun.  I started on the second set of poems with that same theme and maybe I’ll have enough to publish another book.  One of the poems is about the time I went to Spring Valley church to look around and take pictures.  It was late February and I didn’t reach the church yard until about 3:30pm.  The light reminded me of the opening sequence to Night of the Living Dead and with all the grave makers around, I couldn’t help letting my imagination run away.  Here is the poem inspired by that day.                                                                                                                                                                                                
Visit to a Graveyard

I took the road to Zena
I went to take a look
I wanted color pictures
There were many that I took

The day was in late winter
The light, not so good
Enough to take the pictures
I wondered if I should

I thought about a movie
In which the dead did rise
The atmosphere was like that
Would there be surprise?

Lonely little cemetery
Upon a country road
Imagination, cool it!
No zombies in this abode

And yet I couldn’t help it
The grass above the graves
 I imagined zombie fingers
Poking through in waves

No monsters made an entrance
No vampires roamed the grounds
It was calm and peaceful
With all the usual sounds

If you’re hyper-sensitive
Or imagination runs amok
Stay out of lonely graveyards
And otherwise, good luck!

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