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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stuck in Limbo

The time has come.  I’m stuck in West Salem and it’s as good as being in Limbo.  I’ve tried several methods of avoiding this, but now with the news that gas prices are soaring even higher, my hopes of moving about as I please have vanished.  Even getting to the other side of the river is a big production.  It wouldn’t be so difficult, but I’ve developed a phobia of sorts.  On certain bridges I get the willies and it really isn’t safe for me to cross them; most notably the ones that span the Willamette River in Portland.  I also have an aversion to the walking bridge in Salem.  I see many people using it, and I envy them. Although I’ve made the crossing before, an attempt just the other day ended in stomach butterflies and failure.   I just don’t have the fortitude to walk across it again, at least for now.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

No Complaints

There seems to be a warm spell in the valley.  The other evening, I was making my way home by bus and happened to look at the temperature.  It was 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  Not an unheard of occurrence in February, but one that makes me worry just a tad.  The last time I saw temperatures like that for this time of year, was a year with a drought.  Well, we’ll see.  For now I’ll just enjoy the relative warmth.  If March decides to gives us unruly weather, at least I can look back on this month as a brief reprieve.