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Monday, June 20, 2011

What if

From somewhere in my mind came a peculiar musing or perhaps I’ve been watching too much T.V.  I’ve seen commercials for Lego kits based on popular movies.  They’re always action/adventure movies, but what if they chose another approach.  Imagine a Pride and Prejudice Lego series.  What little kid wouldn’t love building a model of Pemberly?  The Mr. Darcy Lego man would have a set of interchangeable heads with expressions ranging from mild distain to total disgust.  How fun it would be to set up the assembly hall and reenact Elizabeth Bennett’s and Mr. Darcy’s first meeting.
It would be educational too.  Not only would children have a fun introduction to Jane Austin’s popular novel, but they can also explore the fashion and architecture of Regency period England.  Of course some parts of the story wouldn’t be allowed in a children’s toy.  There might be a big stink if there was a kit featuring Lydia’s elopement.

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