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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hippity hoppity

Walking along my favorite path in the park, what do I see?  There is a little cotton tail rabbit; munching on the weeds.  I stop and watch it; I don’t want to scare it.  Slowly I approach it, but when I’m within five yards it takes off.  Those little cotton tails are so skittish.  Further down the trail I spot another one.  The reaction is the same.  In sharp contrast is the reaction of the hare.  I met one of these creatures years ago in the high desert of Eastern Oregon.  This thing was as big as a medium sized dog.  I approached it slowly.  When I was within five feet, it casually hopped off and then stopped.  It turned to look back at me.  This was not an animal to be messed with. 

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