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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lucky Day

It must be luck or hocus pocus or maybe I’ve just opened my ears wider.  Several bits of information have crossed paths with me.  The most prominent has been about luck.  It seems that luck (good or bad) is what you make it.  With that kind of power I decided to have a lucky day.  The sun shone brightly for me.  The bus arrived on time.  The internet cut out fewer times than usual, and I was even able to tweet.  The end of my lucky day saw me unintentionally boarding a bus different from the one that would take me home.  I could say I was on the wrong one, but this was a lucky day and for that moment it was the right bus.  This happened in West Salem and fortunately I know it like the back of my hand.  This came in handy when I chose to get off at a stop several blocks from my home.  The biggest issue was the sidewalks.  In West Salem they are either buckled up from tree roots or simply just not there.  While descending a particular steep hill, I was careful to check my speed.  There wasn’t a sidewalk, but there were plenty of sharp rocks.  The side trip was the high light of my evening and I’m glad to write that all ended well.  Gee, I’m so lucky.

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